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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The service is very efficient and the employees are friendly."


"The efficiency and availability of the pharmacists! Kristin C. is always reliable and kind to me. Every month I'm able to speak to her personally to order my Rx. The owners truly care about their customers, retention, and our community."

"I like that when there is a new prescription that has to be filled, and it is costly, they will ask me if I want to substitute it and/or assist me in any way like checking to see if they have a coupon. If there is a prescription that needs to be refilled, and it expired, they will call the doctor for me."

"The people"

"The PEOPLE who form your staff. They are all so friendly and know me well. I get personal attention, from your pharmacists (especially Kristin Chasteen), that I know I would never receive from a chain ."

"Drive up window"

"Locally owned"


"Drive up window and great people"

"Caring and knowledgable"

"The people are amazing! Love my hometown pharmacy!"

"Wonderful, caring, helpful staff!"

"The personal treatment. The employees remember who I am and how I like to pay for my medicine. They also go out of their way to help me find the right product for the best value."

"The staff! I love them they are all amazing and so sweet! They help you out with anything you need!"

"Everyone helps when you need them."

"Hometown service"

"It's in my town"

"Helpful personnel."

"Local people"

"Drive thru"

"Wimberly genuinely cares about our community and does so, not in words, but with sincere acts of kindness and generosity"

"Your online app and drive thru."

"Always clean and neat, both inside and outside the doors"

"The people"

"Friendly staff"

"Hometown care"

"Hometown service"

"Customer service"

"Small-town friendliness; you don't get lost in the shuffle"

"Being greeted when I walk in the store. Ms.Eddy is always nice."

"Pharmacy is convenient"

"VERY helpful with questions"

"The STAFF!! They know all of their customers by name, what medications they take, and are invaluable to Wimberly, Brad, and Kelli as well as to the folks coming to the counters and the window outside."

"Easy site; very friendly personnel"

"Convenient, locally owned, friendly service!"

"Always friendly and professional. They have been very welcoming to me as a newcomer to the area."

"Low cost and fast"

"The drive through window"

"The online ordering"


"Close to work"

"Always there for the community."

"The employees are so nice"

"Very helpful"

"Friendliness and location"

"Drive thru and online service."

"The personalized service."

"Location and fast service"

"Down-home, easygoing, friendly staff. Wimberly is top notch with customer service and she knows her stuff!!!"


"The love, care, and attention given to me!"

"Convenience and web refills"

"Great hometown service from people you know and trust. Easy refills with the online service. Convenient drive through pick-up. Can't beat it!"


"Friendly 'n fast service"

"The people and personal service."

"The staff, and pharmacist, are excellent and care about you on a personal level, unlike larger chain pharmacies!"

"Hometown people, fast, and friendly"


"Like family!"

"Close to home"

"Drive thru; great people over all"

"Small-time friendliness"


"The customer service and how each patient is treated with confidentiality. Also the down to earth, family member feel."

"The drive through pick up window."

"The drive through window"

"The wonderful, friendly, and helpful people!"

"Pharmacist will look for savings coupons for best prices of scripts. Questions are welcomed."

"Local business"



"KRISTEN and of course Mrs. Wimberly!"

"Go out of their way to accommodate you!!!"

"Drive through; friendly staff."


"The individual care they give their customers"



"Local and friendly"

"Friendly service"

"Hometown atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and helpful."

"It's close to home."


"Convenient; friendly staff!! Wimberly always goes above and beyond to help find coupons, without me even asking!!"

"Convenience and courtesy."

"The people"

"This web site. Convenience"

"Everyone at Curry's in Clinton, LA is so super nice even when they are super busy. Love Curry's and will always use them!"


"All of the above and very courteous"

"Fast and friendly. Drive through available for pick ups."

"Friendly folks at drive thru window, in fact, all of staff is friendly. "

"Convenient location"

"Personalized care!"


"So knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful!"

"Friendly hometown people"

"Willingness to help"

"Everyone is so helpful and kind!"

You can help Curry Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!